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Happy New Year!

Ask Yourself These Questions

When thinking about your New Year’s Fat Loss Resolution ask yourself these questions:

·      What do you really want?
·      Why do you want it?
·      What are you willing to do to get what you want?
·      What are you willing to give up to get what you want?

When my clients are near the end of their workouts and I see them getting weary I might ask them “Do you really want it?” I’m talking about personal achievements. I’m talking about the feeling of empowerment when you finish what you start. I’m talking about reaching their ultimate goal of living a healthy life or showing up for their workouts day in and day out. I’m talking about giving up watching late-night television so they get necessary sleep. I’m talking about making lunch and dinner at home instead of taking the easy way out and calling for take out. I’m talking about different things to different people.

Whatever it is, you’ve got to want it badly enough. Really.

When you tell me “I want to lose 30 pounds”, it’s easy to say that and it’s easy to want it…on the surface. It’s not so easy to take the steps necessary-day in and day out- to get there and that is why you have to want it…really, really want it.

Here is an exercise to get you started. It will help you decide if you are truly ready for a change or if you are just a lot of talk:

Action Step:
Get a sheet of paper and drawn a line down the middle to make two columns (I like paper to pencil instead of using the computer.) Column one is titled: Why I Want To XXX.  Column two is titled: Why I Want to Stay The Same.  When the items in column one outweigh the items in column two, you are ready for change and ready to commit.

Good luck!

If you need more than luck, than please call me  (908-963-5257) to set up a strategy session because it’s my passion to help busy people get fit, healthy and lean.

Goal + Plan + Action = Results

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