Tips to eat out and not blow your “diet”

Most people love to enjoy a meal out with friends or family and some of you are worried that you can’t enjoy someone else’s cooking and clean-up if your trying to lose fat. Here are some tips that will keep you on your plan for fat loss and allow you to still maintain your social life.

Order this  instead of that  
  • Ask for your food to be cooked without extra oil or butter
  • Choose an entree of protein with spices instead of sauces
  • Go with something already in your belly – like a small salad
  • Get steamed or roasted veggies
  • If bread has to be on the table for others, keep it at the opposite end of the table
  • Sit facing the wall (no need to be tempted by the next table’s hot fudge sundae as it passes by)
  • Drink plenty of water
  • When everyone else is eating fried appetizers, eat a satisfying salad (it’s okay, you can have two salads if you ate one before you got to the restaurant!)
  • Enjoy a dinner out with friends who are also health conscious
  • Carefully choose where you will be going. Pick a restaurant that has healthy options and don’t just settle for the most convenient place.
  • Read the menu on-line before you go and pick your choices, otherwise, you might be tempted to order rich, fatty foods just because of pictures on the menu.
  • Be the first to order
  • Stick with your first choice and don’t talk yourself out of the best choice
  • NEVER get an all-you-can-eat meal
  • Take half the meal home for lunch the next day

Once you get used to asking for special requirements, you (and your family) won’t think twice about it. Servers and restaurants are used to people making special requests so make your meal out really be all about you! Enjoy it without blowing your fat loss plan.