Change Your Beliefs to Change Your Results

You will always live up to what you believe to be your truth.


That is why I always correct my clients if I hear them say things like, “I’m fat,” “I can’t give up cheese/wine/chocolate,” or “I’m a pig.”


That talk is not allowed, because if you say it, you believe it is your truth, and that leads you to that exact truth!


I know you really want to change, and you really want to have a different belief about yourself, but how can you do it? Really do it and mean it.


You have to look for any shred of evidence that what you want is true or possible.


For example, if you are always telling yourself, “I never make good food choices. I always cave in when the dessert tray comes around,” but you know that having dessert every time is a habit that you’d like to change, then you have look for evidence of truth.


Maybe that time when you went out with your sister, you both skipped the apple pie.


Maybe you went to a company party and passed on the chocolate mousse.


Start looking for evidence that you have indeed done this thing that you wish was a true change of behavior, and then remind yourself daily or every time you turn on your phone (the average person hits the home button 110 times!).


You must remind yourself frequently in order to re-wire your brain.


It’s simple, but we forget, so give yourself written reminders.


You’ll also start becoming aware of new or different instances of that behavior that you’d like to have. (It’s like buying a red car and then suddenly you notice all of the red cars!) Maybe you skip dessert after every lunch. See that? You can do it!


By using this technique, you are activating the Reticular Activating System (RAS) in your brain.


The RAS is your brain’s filter, and by using this technique, you’ll be helping the RAS filter out what you don’t really want and allow in what you really DO want!