Are you still trying to lose weight?

Are you still trying to lose weight? Or more weight?

Have you had any success at all? Even if you haven’t seen changes on the scale, have you taken action?


Okay, great!


Why are you still focusing on what you haven’t done?


Maybe you aren’t where you want to be, but you’re in a better spot than you were last week or  last month or last year.


Look back on what you did right and do more of that.


Are you drinking more water?


Reducing portion sizes?


Exercising regularly?


The media would like to make you think there is a magic pill to becoming healthy, fit and becoming lean.


But there is no magic. You’ll have to exercise the right way and eat real food in appropriate quantities.


If you need to be accountable to someone else for your workouts or you’re not sure what to do when it comes to working out, send me an email and set up a Success Session with me..or give me a call.


Being healthy, fit and strong doesn’t come by default. You’ll have to do something about it;)


In good health,