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Don’t feel guilty for eating that Cheese Doodle!

Have you ever had one of those moments when you were all out craving something “bad” for you?  Like cheese doodles?


You kept thinking about those cheese doodles until you started to drool.


“If eating Cheese Doodles is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!”


Finally, you simply had enough! “Gosh, why can’t I just stop thinking about these things!”


You drive to the nearest store and down half the bag in the car and maybe the other half when you get home.


 Cake, cheese doodles…it’s all the same.


Your fingers and mouth are florescent orange, your slapping your jaws up and down because your mouth feels like the Sahara Desert and now, you feel like absolute garbage!


Ugh…”Where’s my self-control?” you think to yourself.


“I feel so guilty!”


As your personal trainer and coach, I’ll let you in on a little secret…..Almost every woman I know has done this and felt this way at some point in her life, even I’ve done it in the past!


Here’s the good news – you don’t have to feel like that anymore!


While there is way more to reduce cravings then I can go into in this article, here are a few tricks that will prevent you from going bananas over cheese doodles;) :


  1. Plan ahead and eat all of your meals. i.e. Don’t skip meals.* Most meals should include protein (about 4-6 oz), vegetables and fruit or starch. Your post-workout meal is an exception to this rule.


  1. On occasion, enjoying something you really love and within reasonable quantities. If you love cheese doodles and “can’t live without them”, buy a tiny bag from the impulse rack and enjoy it fully.


  1. Move on. No guilt*. Guilt is an emotion you get when you’ve sinned or done something morally wrong. Eating Crunchy Cheese Doodles is NOT a sin (however, eating the puffy kind is morally wrong..haha, no it’s not!)



If giving you permission to stop feeling guilty doesn’t help you, maybe these tips will:


Think about this after over-indulging or whenever you feel guilty about food:


  1. Did I really, thoroughly enjoy that food? Yes or No, no other answer.
  2. Did that food, for which I now feel guilty about, satisfy whatever need I had?
  3. Do I like how my body and brain feel – physically- now that I’m done?
    • Do I have energy without a severe plummet or is it a weird, jittery kind of energy?
    • Am I clearheaded or foggy brain?
    • How does my stomach and digestive system feel?


Okay, it’s time to move on..go have an apple;)


*Most important tips



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