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Addition by subtraction or subtraction by addition?

We’ve all heard the term “addition by subtraction.” It has to do with simplifying and improving your life by eliminating tasks and people who are draining your time and energy.

However, I’ve had some success recently with some  clients that I wanted to share with you and it has to do with   “subtraction by addition.”

As in, what can you add that will actually help you subtract some excess body fat.

Instead of depriving and food-shaming yourself, follow a few simple rules and add these things:

=> Lean protein. Are you getting enough throughout the day? Most women I meet are still not getting enough animal protein throughout the day, especially in their first meal of the day. Look to get at least 30 grams per meal. The amino acids in that protein will enable you to maintain muscle (the organ of longevity).

=> Water. How much unsweetened water do you drink per day? Most adults are chronically dehydrated,  This can lead to disease (check out the book: The Body’s Many Cries for Water). Aim for 1/2 your body weight in ounces. You’ll feel better, have a better mood, feel more energetic and get rid of those dehydration headaches and having enough water enables your body to metabolize fat!

=> Sun. We’ve been lied to about the sun. It’s necessary for life! Being locked up in front of artificial blue light (tablets, phones, monitors, TVs) is shifting hormones and making us sick. Check out this article on the benefits of 15 minutes of sun:…

=> Exercise. Are you doing resistance training? Along with adding protein, add some weights to your exercise in order to drop excess pounds. Doing so will help your body be insulin sensitive and that means you will spend less time in “fat storing” mode.

=> Sleep. ​You “know” it’s important but you haven’t yet made the change to getting more (and better) sleep. Start by adding in 15-30 minutes extra simply by going to bed that wee bit earlier…and of course, without the T.V., phone/tablet.

Getting back to the foundations is life changing and don’t assume because these things are simple that they aren’t effective at helping you lose excess body’s the basics, done every day/week – not the tricks and pills, that will get you the farthest.

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