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Fat loss and donuts

If you eat too many donuts, you will not lose fat.

End of newsletter.

Ha, while we all know it’s the truth, I realize you already know that fact.

What you might not realize, or have forgotten, is that when you eat high sugar-high fat foods, like donuts, frequently, you are changing your gut microbiome (all those good little germs in your stomach that are a central part of your immune system) and increasing your cravings for sweets and this makes it harder to lose excess fat.

Donuts, and such, fill you up for a short time and then you tend to eat less of the foods that truly nourish your body. Your energy diminishes, you crave more sweets and sugar, you likely get bloated and then guess what happens?

You eat MORE DONUTS to satisfy the cravings and boost your energy since it crashed about an hour or two later.

How’s that for an unsuccessful fat loss journey?

If you have a goal of losing excess body fat and feel a little panic-y about how you will feel about giving up the or donuts  then start by adding in protein.

You need the amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, to build tissue, digest food, for enzyme formation, transporting oxygen, maintaining healthy skin, formation of hormones, formation of antibodies, synthesizing red and white blood cells and so much more.

Our protein requirements actually increase as we age to help preserve  muscle. Without getting enough protein, you may suffer from sarcopenia (rapid, age-related muscle loss and very common), thinning hair, and skin lesions.

Also, by increasing your protein, you won’t feel as hungry and you will increase your energy.

Increasing protein at your meals will also crowd out the donuts and reduce cravings for them and other sweets.

Talk about Win-Win!

By the way, in my upcoming F.A.T. Method program, you won’t have to count calories or completely give up your donuts and you’ll still be able to lose between 10-20#. It’s not magic and it’s sustainable. I’ll teach you how using the F.A.T. Method is something you’ll always have in your back pocket to lose fat or manage your new weight. Reply back if you would like more information.

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