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3 things women do better than men in the gym

For all the things I see people do incorrectly in the gym, I also see the good stuff…and I see what women do better than men in the gym!

  1. Women don’t push through pain like a guy will. Oh, it hurts?  “Pain is weakness leaving the body,” say stupid t-shirts. Let me clarify: pain is not the same thing as really, really hard. Pain is something that is sharp, shooting, grinding, and not muscular. Most people can tell if they are working muscle or if it’s a pain that could could cause damage.
  2. Women work their entire body. Sure, we want to lose a little extra fat here or there and tighten up certain parts, but we don’t tend to lift for chest, tri’s, and bi’s.
  3. Women do it for themselves. It’s usually the guys that are using more weight than they should, primping in the mirror and puffing their chests out, all for the sake of ego. Sure, I’ve seen some women in skimpy outfits showing off, but in general, women do a better job of focusing on their own workouts than trying to impress other people.
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