Candy Guilt?

Maybe you had a few more treats than tricks yesterday and you are feeling a bit guilty about it.


You might be thinking “I’ve got to work extra hard with my workout today because of all of the candy I ate yesterday” or “I better do extra cardio because of what I ate yesterday.”


Fitness is a long game, not a short game.


A few treats on Halloween won’t kill you.


A few treats every night before Halloween that lasts until the day after New Year – now that’s gonna’ hurt.


I believe that guilt isn’t necessarily a bad emotion – it tells us when we’ve done something bad/wrong, but I like to reserve it for morality, not food.


If you at too much candy and now you feel like cr*p, learn from it and move on.


Going an extra 20 minutes on the elliptical isn’t going to change the shape of your body, just like one session (or even one day) of over-eating isn’t going to change the shape of your body.


You really need to assess your long game. What are you doing day in and day out that is causing you to buy bigger and bigger clothing?


So, if you ate a bunch of candy yesterday, don’t have candy guilt today…just eat well today and tomorrow and the next day…..


p.s. This isn’t an endorsement to go hog wild. I’m just writing to remind you that guilt won’t help you get thinner or stronger…it’ll just eat you up;)