Some of the mistakes women make when they try to get back into shape

First off, this is NOT to bash anyone or anything, it’s just an article to help you understand where you might be wasting time, energy and effort when you are getting back into shape.


AND, these mistakes are NOT your fault…you’ve been fed these ideas from social media, magazines, friends, doing what you did when you were 25 years old and maybe, even from what your doctor has told you.


So here are a few mistakes you might be making as you try to feel like your self again:


1. Hoping they will find time.

-Instead of sitting down and really planning when and where (and what OTHER THINGS will have to be deleted, shifted or given to someone else), they think they will simply ADD ONE MORE ITEM on their TO-DO list…..and ultimately, it never becomes a priority and the exercise never happens.


2. Inappropriate exercise plan.

-Having no plan at all, long cardio sessions only (usually walking on the treadmill or elliptical machine), going to a non-judgemental gym and randomly using the equipment, doing sit-ups and crunches, doing stuff that hurts, doing risky high weight/high volume exercises without building up.


3. Following fad diets.

Cabbage soup, Master Cleanse (spicy water), no carb, super low-cal, baby food diet, grapefruit diet, HCG.


4.Take diet pills or other meds or supplements that are ineffective. Dangerous and usually ineffective.


If you want to get back into shape again, you’ll have to be patient and put in the work. I know no one wants to hear that, but it’s the truth.


Be consistent with your workouts that include lifting weights, eat enough of the the right foods and don’t rely on quick fixes.


You really can take care of yourself and feel fantastic again!