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Social Media’s culture of comparison

One of the worst things you can do is compare yourself to someone else.

Unfortunately, social media has created a “Culture of Comparison” that’s extremely unhealthy … not to mention destructive to your fitness goals.

That “influencer” with the 6-pack abs who can do pull-ups for days is not on your life’s journey. She is NOT you!

She might not have kids, a 9-5 job, endless Zoom meetings and laundry to do. Maybe she has more support at home, perhaps she’s never had a serious illness or injury or a sick or aging parent to care for.

Each of us has our own unique journey  and when you compare yourself to someone else, you are deflating yourself and not appreciating your unique qualities and life story that God has given you.

Please remember that in order to get what you want, you need to earn it with YOUR actions … not someone else’s.


Don’t believe the hype you see on social media.

Don’t try to live up to it, either.

Do your best, today and when tomorrow comes, do your best for that day, too.

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