Her insides didn’t match her outsides.

Years ago I had a client (for a short time) who took meticulous care of yourself in the way of:

  • The clothing she wore
  • Beautifully done hair
  • Nails always manicured
  • Whitened teeth
  • Make-up done..always

Interestingly, her insides didn’t match her outsides.​

She was overweight, foggy brain, had low energy, not confident about her looks – her insides didn’t match her polished outside and sadly, she wasn’t willing to commit to consistently work on the inside.

When you work on your “inside”, your “outside” will change.

What can you do to help your insides match your outside? 

  • Eat well – whole foods, avoiding sugars and additives, limited/no alcohol
  • Exercising regularly– a minimum of three times per week, hopefully moving/walking daily
  • Managing stress – prayer, meditation, filling your mind with positivity/growth mindset information
  • Taking necessary supplements – for example, vitamin D, a B complex, magnesium
  • Laughing/having quality relationships – I know it’s tough now, but people need people to be healthy
  • Getting outside into the sun – we are like plants, give us water and sun and we can grow:)
  • Getting enough sleep – sleep fixes 99% of your issues- seriously, any type of issue (fat loss, anxiety, digestion, – you need to sleep!)

Had my client put as much energy into working on the list above as she did on her polished exterior, she would be glowing from from good health and wouldn’t need all that other stuff.

Do your insides match your outside?



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