6 Step Resolution-Solution

Picture of Happy New Year toasting glasses

I have mixed feelings about New Year’s Resolutions.

In the recent past, I have said “Why wait until January 1?” Setting goals and making resolutions just because of tradition are insane. Goals are left unmet and resolutions get broken. You just end up feeling badly. If you’re ready in November – go for it! If you’re ready in February, start then. If you are ready to change today strike while the iron is hot.

But, hey, listen, I still get the whole “New Year Resolution”/turn over a new leaf thought process. November and December are especially hectic and most busy moms are just trying to keep it together until December 26! The thought of adding another item, like “Start Exercising”, on the “to-do” list is just way more than any Mom can handle during the holiday chaos!

Whenever you decide to start implementing your resolution to get fit and healthy follow my 6 Step Resolution-Solution Plan and avoid another year of “That only lasted three weeks.”

6 Step Resolution-Solution

1. Pick the day you are going to start and mark it your calendar (it doesn’t have to be on the family calendar). Choose a date the feels right to you. If it’s January 1 or February 7, it doesn’t matter. It should just feel right for you.

2. Pick one SMALL habit you will change that will take you in the right direction.Don’t try to start exercising, quit smoking, stop drinking alcohol and eat more vegetables on Day 1. You will mostly likely fail and, perhaps even worse, feel like a failure, which, by the way, will bring on a whole slew of additional bad feelings.

3.Write this one small thing down on paper where you will read it daily…at least several times daily. If you decide you ultimately want to lose 50 pounds and you want to start exercising you might write down “I now walk around the block one time three times per week.” Perhaps your goal is to add more intensity. Write down something like “I now do three rounds of my favorite circuit routine.”  Write down whatever you know you can do and, yet, will be a challenge. Continually increase your challenge, little by little.

4.Prepare in advance. Make any preparations the night, day or week before so you set yourself up for success. For example, if you’ve chosen to stop eating ice cream after dinner beginning on January 10 (remember, it doesn’t have to be January 1!), then on January 8 or 9, throw out any ice cream you have left in the freezer. If you really want ice cream, eat it during the day and go buy a single serving of it – just don’t bring it in the house! If you’ve decided to start running, make sure you have a decent pair of running shoes and comfortable running attire. Map your route and maybe even drive it so you are mentally prepared. Put your clothes out the evening before so when you wake up everything is all set to go!

5. Get support. No one can make really big leaps and changes without some outside guidance or support in place. This can be a professional trainer, an on-line check in program or your best friend. Just make sure that whoever it is has your best interest at heart, has the time to be there for you and capability to give you the type and amount of support you need.

6. Be willing to change and believe you can. The biggest thing about keeping resolutions is your willingness to change and really believing that you can change. Decide you want something different in your life and believe that you are worth it and deeply feel and believe that you CAN change! This may actually be the most difficult step and the most important step.

Following these guidelines will allow you to be successful and feel empowered. Success motivates you to continue striving ahead. If you make one small change at a time it is more than 80% successful than if you try to re-shape multiple old habits at one time. You’ll feel better about yourself, achieve your goal and never look back again!