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Resolution-Solution Follow-Up.

Are You Having Trouble Actually Starting Your New Year’s Resolution?

In my last post, I suggested you start your healthy changes when the moment strikes you and that you don’t need to start on an artificial day like January 1. With that being said, I understand that many of you will be anxious to turn over a new leaf this very week! So let’s keep you on track.

Did you pick your one small goal? Think of this as an action step instead. What small step can you do every day that will get you moving toward the finish line? You should be 90% sure you can do this on a regular basis.

How Sure Are You?

Let’s say you pick “Add more vegetables to my diet.” On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being unable and 10 being 100% sure that you can and will do this; are you at a 9 or 10?

Get more specific. “I will add 5 servings of vegetables per day to my diet.” Hmmm, are 5 servings of veg sounding a little overwhelming since you currently eat less than 1 per day? Even if you know you “should” be able to eat 5 servings a day, you must get real with yourself. If going from 0 to 5 vegetables per day scares you than make the action step “Add 4 (or 3 or how about just 1) servings of vegetable every day.” Now can you give yourself a score of 9 or 10? Great, than you’ve figured out what do-able, repeatable step you will perform on a daily basis that will take you just one, tiny step closer to your ultimate achievement.

Here’s What You Need To Do.

To recap:

  1. Create action steps that move you forward and toward your ultimate achievement.
  2. Choose one of these action steps that you are 90-100% sure you can and will do.
  3. Choose an easier step if you don’t score a 9-10/10 on your action step.
  4. When you have consistently done that step for about 30 days than it’s time to pick the next step.
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