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Get your first push-up

Push-ups make you feel doubt about it…but they are so stinkin’ hard, especially for women!

But, you CAN get there!

A full push-up requires:

1. Proper alignment

2. Proper core muscle engagement

3. Enough strength

4. Tension created through your body

When we get these things and, therefore, do the appropriate level of push-up….the push-up looks and feels great and has the most benefit.

One exercise that will help you build a better push-up is the Bird-Dog Pull-Out.

By doing this exercise you will be training the 4 push-up requirements.

Coaches TIPS: If you do not feel this exercise in your abs/core you are

1. NOT pushing down enough and probably more focused on pulling the band and pushing the leg.

2. Raising the leg when your body isn’t ready (you should only be using the arm)

3. Not working with your breath and you’re not aligned.

4. Going too fast.

Bird Dog Pull Out

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