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Counting Calories is too much trouble!

Have you gained some weight during this lock-down?

My guess is that a lot of women can say “yes” to that!

All those walks you’ve been taking just aren’t enough to offset  the extra calories from snacks and wine, but counting calories is too much trouble, plus it might not matter anyway!

According to Alyssa Cellini, founder of My Custom Cleanse, nutritionist and metabolism expert, WHEN you eat and WHAT FOODS YOU COMBINE, is more important than counting calories.

Alyssa also says that “everyone should be eating and combining differently.”

I’ll use myself as an example; I will drop fat faster/better if I keep my fat content lower in the early part of the day. (I love fats like avocado, nut butter, etc. so it’s a challenge!).

Some people need a full serving of fat at every meal, otherwise they feel very hungry in two hours!

I’m not a fan of counting calories in the traditional sense of “A banana has 105 calories”, but I am a fan of keeping track of portions and types of food because it helps me stay on track.

For instance, my first meal of the day is 1 protein, 1 fruit, 1 vegetable.

If you are ready to focus on fat loss, start writing down everything you eat and the time you eat it.

This isn’t to become obsessive, this is so you become AWARE and mindful of what is actually going into your body.

You might notice that you eat way more low quality foods than you thought or you don’t eat enough vegetables (which is about 7 servings per day) or that  you skip meals and have 6-8 hour gaps between eating, or you that graze all day long.

Changing these habits and eating the right combinations of food will help you lose excess body fat.

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