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Live Life – Don’t Let Your Body Image Hold You Back

When you are old, how do you want to remember your life? When you are dead, how do you want people to remember you?

It’s funny how I started thinking about this topic. I was reading “In Touch Weekly”. Please don’t tell a sole I sometimes read these trash magazines! It’s a guilty pleasure and if it’s there, I just can’t help pick it up to read the latest Hollywood star gossip! Anyway, I typically hate the superficial-ness these magazines exude – who’s got the best shoes, the more expensive home, the best body, etc. To each his own and if you want to spend $300 on a tube of lipstick or $3000 on a pair of shoes, more power to you – I just want to see what the most popular $3000 pair of shoes looks like!

The latest issue I read actually inspired me. I don’t remember the title, but it was about Hollywood actresses having cellulite and other imperfections. Typically, I hate it when they show people at their worst just for the sake of selling copies, but there was something different about this, or at least how I took it. The magazine showed pictures of celebrities in short-shorts with cellulite, aging, sagging skin, dimply rears and other “unsightly” sights we often complain of.

What I came away with was that these super-stars have the same issues we all have AND they were living life and having fun! These women rocked Daisy Dukes and string bikinis even with cellulite! “Gasp!” Yep, it’s true. They were living life and being comfortable in the skin God gave them despite having sagging post-baby skin or cottage cheese thighs.

You might be happier doing the same. After all, do you really want to look back on the last 30 years of your life and all you remember is thinking, “I was so fat”? No, you don’t. You will want to remember your family, your friends and your experiences.

In the end, you won’t be remembered for the cellulite on your rear. You’ll be remembered for the type of person you were – kind, helpful, resourceful, hard-

working, gentle, etc.

So, how do I relate 9/11 and cellulite? Live today like you might die tomorrow and dream like you’ll live forever.

p.s. Will you rock your Daisy Dukes, stop obsessing about cellulite and enjoy the moment?

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