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Being Healthy is a skill set.



In the first in a series of nine videos entitled the Human Longevity Project, one of the speakers made this statement.

“Being healthy is a skill set.”


Doesn’t having health or being unhealthy come naturally? Isn’t it defined by our genes?


We have great control over how our genes are expressed. So while our genes say that  you might be  vulnerable to something like diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer’s disease,  those genes aren’t automatically expressed.


Your  environment  and lifestyle have more of an impact on your future self than you may realize.


If you want “health”, not disease you’re gonna have to work at it.

So, what kinds of things do you have control over?

  • What time you go to bed (get those zzz’s in!).
  • Who you hang around with. People who make you smile and laugh or people who give you agita?
  • Do you eat more vegetables and leafy greens or more pizza and cereal?
  • Do you regularly (5-7 days per week) exercise or hardly ever (getting off the sofa to get pizza from the ‘fridge doesn’t count)
  • What do you drink? Gatorade, Red Bull, Diet/regular soda or water?


For some, these health habits are part of life, but for most Americans these habits are NOT a part of who they are.


If you’re part of the latter group, start by doing ONE thing and one thing only.


Change just one thing and stick with it. Only after that one thing has become natural and secondary, tackle another habit.

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