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Is weight loss a Must?



Is losing weight a MUST?


Is feeling good a MUST?


Is setting an example, especially to your daughters, a MUST?


This is really the first step in your journey – figuring out if what you say you want is a MUST.


If it’s just a “want” – it’s too weak. I want to lose weight, I want to feel better…blah!


If you’ve gotten to the point of “I have to do this!” than you are able to make changes.


We all have the same amount of time.


We all have busy lives and the same number of hours in a day.


It’s really up to you to decide if your body, your health and your confidence, is a PRIORITY or just something you think would be nice to have.


Every success starts with a decision and only a  few people make that decision.


It’s seems like it’s always tomorrow…..people always think there’s more time and that somehow, magically, they will lose the extra pounds next month.


Instead of putting down the cookie today, they think  they’ll get better at putting it down tomorrow.  Nah, it just doesn’t happen that way.


How about saying “Yes” to yourself today?


How about shifting your thoughts from “I’m tired, I deserve this drink/cookie/ice cream/chips” to:

  • “I can do better.”
  • “I will feel great when I eat well day after day after day!”
  • I’m going to SHOW my daughter what it means to be healthy and REALLY be an example.” (this one always get me!)
  • “Right now is my start!”


Okay, great, your fat loss, your health, your confidence is a MUST, what do you do now?


Don’t get overwhelmed. You probably know the basics that will carry you a long way.


1. Don’t eat junk or drink alcohol every day. Save it for a meal over the weekend.

2. Stop going back for seconds when you are not hungry.

3. Eat enough, but don’t eat until you are stuffed to the gills.

4. Cut out fast food, fried foods, high sugar foods and replace with protein and produce.

5. Get some support and accountability. There is nothing like having someone checking in on you.


If you need more…reach out. I’m here for YOU, ladies!

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