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Regarding Your Bathroom Scale

Do you weigh yourself every day?

Five times a day?

Once a week?


As a professional personal trainer with years of study and practical experience working on myself and coaching hundreds of women just like you, I can tell you that there is a happy medium.

Some people will tell you never to step on the beast in the bathroom…. that, that, THAT….THING that stares back at you daily upon entering the room is a monster!

Never, “they” say, step on the scale because your personality and self-worth will be based on some random number.

Maybe, maybe not.

On the other hand, others say measure your body weight every day. Gotta keep yourself in line, after all.

Again, maybe or maybe not.

Coming from a professional who helps women lose weight and body fat all of the time, I’m here to tell you that the bathroom scale is neither evil nor is it to be put on a pedestal.

The scale is a tool you use to see if what you are doing (eating right and exercising) is working!

If you are reading this, then you are probably an average, everyday type of woman, like me, who has struggled with body image and weight and tries to be the best version of herself.If that’s you, then I’m here to tell you that the scale will help you.

It will let you know if you’ve taken Friday night pizza to a weekly routine rather than a monthly special or that it’s time to scale back on the mocha-Frappuccino with whip.

The scale won’t tell you your value and worth as a human or as a woman made by God. Never let a man-made device dictate how you feel about yourself and the contributions you make to your family, friends, and community.

At Her Fitness, we regularly take measurements of our clients which include scale weight, body fat percentage and girth measurement for clients wishing to make changes in their body shape (i.e. lose fat). It’s really quite motivating to see the changes when someone follows the plan!

If you have a love-hate relationship with your scale start TODAY by using the scale as a tool that lets you know if your plan is working or not.

If you never step on the scale, stop being afraid of it and take ownership of your actions. You know those stretchy pants you wear every day? They are like a friend who doesn’t tell you about the spinach in your teeth. 

From the movie Bridesmaids

If you step on the scale five times a day…. STOP OBSESSING! Your weight fluctuates by the day and by the hour. Weighing yourself multiple times won’t burn more body fat plus you could be using that energy to do something more productive like planning your meals, going grocery shopping, getting a fat-burning workout in or helping someone else so your ego doesn’t dictate the day.

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