Do you use any of these Excuses NOT to exercise?


Are you someone who starts to exercise and then stops when things get challenging?

Let’s say you had to quarantine and you stopped exercising because you didn’t have the space, everyone was home, but mostly your motivation took a dive so you threw in the towel all together and you STILL HAVEN’T worked out.

If that’s you, then you probably don’t see yourself as a woman who exercises.

You likely think of yourself as someone who “should” exercise, maybe you say “I always give up” or “I’m on again off again…that’s just who I am.”

You will always fight the internal struggle to get up exercise if you see yourself as one of the people  described above.

A woman who views herself as a person who exercises might have had a slump when circumstances changed, but she didn’t stay down for long.

If you’ve ever said or thought any of these things and it stopped you from exercising then you may have a deep seated view of yourself as someone who does NOT exercise:

-My job is too demanding

– There’s not enough time

-There’s  too many people home

– My kids/ spouse did/does X/Y/Z and causes me not to be able to exercise

-I’m too tired

-I just can’t get up early

-I’m too old

-Im too fat

-I’m  uncoordinated

-I’ll probably get hurt and have to stop anyway

-I eat too much for it to make a difference

-My husband/child/friend/co-worker will think I’m just going through a phase and say “I told you so” when I quit

-I jiggle too much

-I don’t deserve to be fit

-I don’t deserve to spend time on myself

I have heard all of these excuses and more!

And, it’s okay…it’s just where you are at right now.

However, if you want something different for yourself, you’ll have to do some internal work.

If you really don’t want be the woman who has an “On again Off again” relationship with exercise, examine your thoughts (and beliefs about yourself) and decide whether they are true or just some old habits.

Recognize your thoughts, take note of what you believe and turn it around.

You could be the woman who is “into fitness”, who is Healthy, Fit and Strong…but you’ll have to make that decision for yourself.