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1 Tip to Minimize Holiday Stress (but you may not like it)

What is supposed to be one of the most joyful time of the year often becomes the most stressful times of the year.

Instead of the stress, bring back the joy and here is one tip to do that:

****Give up doing something that you’ve always done because  it gives you more stress than joy*** 

(That’s the part Up Arrow Svg Png Icon Free Download (#111085 ... you may not like!)

It’s often the things we think we are “supposed” to do, the things we do because of other people’s expectations rather than our own.

Here are some examples of things to stop doing or alter so you can enjoy your holidays and reduce stress:

  • Christmas cards – don’t send any or send to a much smaller list
  • Hosting a party – don’t host, host at a venue, shorten the invite list
  • Stop the gift exchange with everybody – most adults already have what they want or need. Buy for a needy family and donate.
  • Pare down the decorating.
  • Say “No, thank you” to attending parties and events that you really don’t like going to.
  • Anything that you feel obligated to that doesn’t bring you or your family joy, happiness, blessings, etc.

Initially you may think “I can’t stop doing that!” and to that I ask you “Why not?”

Why can’t you stop doing that one thing that gives you more stress than joy?

What will happen if you don’t do the one thing? What’s the worst case scenario?

If there is NOTHING that you feel  you can give up, maybe it’s something in your usual routine like

  • “For all of December, I won’t worry about making my bed!”
  • “I’ll only do laundry on Tuesday so if anyone wants their laundry done, it better be in laundry room, better yet, bring it to the cleaners and have them do it!
  • Other stuff like this that you normally do routinely,  but for a few weeks, you can delete it, modify it or job it out.

Be intentional so that you can enjoy the holidays rather than **suffer through the holidays**.

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