“They will be mad at me.” Your excuse for not exercising

“They will be mad at me.”

It doesn’t come out that way at first.

Usually, she’ll tell me she doesn’t have time.

She’ll tell me she doesn’t have the money.

She’ll tell me “your session times don’t work for me”

She’ll tell me a thousand other things and very plausible reasons why she can’t exercise with me or with anybody, but deep down she wants to, but she’s afraid her family will be mad for taking time away from them.

If you’ve been telling yourself that your husband or your kids “will be mad at me” for going off to exercise…you .  are .  wrong.

That is something you’ve built up in your head.

Maybe you tried to leave the house one day and got some push-back and that was all it took for you to have the “mom guilt”, but I can assure you, after working with hundreds and hundreds of women directly, that HOME LIFE is ALWAYS BETTER when the woman of the house exercises regularly (and does it right so that she doesn’t burn out).

Happy wife, happy life…there’s something to it 😉

Seriously, though, when you exercise regularly to include lifting weights you are taking care of yourself and that means you are taking care of your family.

No one in your family wants you feeling resentful, unenergetic and insecure/not confident.

You’re family wants you to set a good example of self care that includes being active and fit and the only way to do that is for you to spend some time on yourself.

If you get your nails done, your hair cut and/or colored, shop for new clothes then do something for your insides, too.

You’re family will be happier and you will be happier.