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Me, first!

During a conversation this morning, some clients and I were discussing the idea of “Me, first!”


By that, we were recognizing that exercise, movement and other self-care items really need to take place first thing, otherwise the chances are good that the thing won’t happen.


We recognized how important it is to take care of ourselves so that we can be our best  and to take care of others and, yet, somehow on the days we don’t have an appointment to meet at the studio, the self-care seems selfish and gets put aside.


Now, we know intellectually that self-care is not selfish. We realize that if we have more strength, endurance, feel better emotionally/mentally, have an outlet for stress, etc., that we will be better all around.


On the flip side, I thought, what if someone is saying to herself “Me, first” but on the inside, she hears “at the expense of everyone else” or “to the exclusion of my loved ones” or “gee, that sure sounds selfish.”


If that’s the case, you may have a hard time justifying your workouts.


Remember that your deep-seated beliefs are ultimately the first step in your decision about what action to take.


Check out this image of the psychocybernetic loop:


NOW, if you find yourself using the words “Me, first” and then you don’t follow through with putting your exercise or self-care routine in action, perhaps you can find other words to say to yourself.


Instead of “Me, first” think to yourself “I’m better when I …..”  or “Exercise is not optional, it’s a requirement for my health” or something else that gets you to feel differently about your self-care.

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