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Drain or Gain

Have you ever thought about the things in your life that are either  draining you or “gaining” you?

I’m talking about things that we  do that may initially feel good and think they elevate us,  but in the end they don’t always serve us like we expected or hoped they would.

For instance, we think social media is keeping us connected to friends, but often times women end up feeling more isolated, lonely and “less than” instead of truly fulfilled with friend or kinship.

Maybe it’s your evening glass of wine, beer or spirit that, when you first started drinking it, relaxed you after a hard day. Only now, that drink has become two or three , you don’t sleep well at night, you’ve gained a bunch of belly fat and you’ve realized that it’s pretty hard to go without that drink.

Other things that might actually be draining you instead of helping you gain in life are  sugary sweets and addictive foods, gossip and drama, late night television or screen time, and I bet you can think of other things.

If you are up for it, challenge yourself to let go of something standing in your way. Let go of one thing that is actually keeping you from elevating.

It’s not deprivation, it’s actually a GIFT to yourself to set it aside and see how you do without it.


👉Ask yourself: How do I feel? Once I adjust to it being gone, will I actually miss it? Did it add value to my life or drain my energy?

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