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Am I suppose to be grateful for the bad stuff?

I have a sticky note to remind me “Trust God to always work things out” and it reminds me that He is always in control or as some people like to say “The Universe is Always Working For Me.”


Years ago I had a sticky that said “The Universe is rearranging itself for my best interest.” (Now I realize the universe is God, but you can still choose “universe” if it works better for you.)


Either way, if you believe that things happen for a reason and that in the end, it’s all for our good, then you understand that even the bad stuff we go through has a purpose.


Some people have taken this to mean that we should be happy and glad when bad stuff happens.


No, that’s not the case. Don’t call “bad” good. It’s not. What it is, is painful, hurtful, hard, frustrating, scary and maybe gut wrenching.


BUT, God/universe creates good from every circumstance.


Here’s a phrase I thought was key: To be thankful is a lifeline in suffering.


What’s the quickest way to change our mindset? Be grateful. 


How can we be grateful when we don’t feel very grateful?


Start very small.


For example, maybe you’re having a health issue or even a crisis.


You might say “I’m grateful for medicine” or ” I’m thankful for kind doctors and nurses who are helping me.”


Whatever small thing you can find may be your lifeline in suffering.


Hopefully, you are not in a season of suffering. This is a good time to practice your gratitude and look for the small things, the day to day things – a hug from your child, a warm home, gas in your car, etc.

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