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7 Small meal ideas

It’s been HOOOOT and maybe you don’t feel like eating dinner, but the rest of your family still wants their meat and potatoes.

Give them their full dinner and have your bigger meal earlier in the day…and if you get your protein in early, you’ll be okay to skip it in the evening meal.

So, here are some ideas while your family chops away on their meat and potatoes, you can enjoy:

  • Hard boiled eggs and raspberries
  • Turkey bacon (yeah..go ahead and bake it in the oven at lunch time and eat it cold for dinner) and a salad
  • Cold soup
  • Green Soup and orange slices
  • Shrimp Cocktail, roasted veggies (easy to do in an air fryer) over Romain
  • Tuna salad (here’s a No-Mayo recipe) over Corn Thins with green beans
  • Frittata with blueberries

P.s. – I’ve given up on the “everyone eats what I make.” I just had to let that one go.

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