3 Tips to Rev Up Weight Loss

1. Incorporate weights and resistance training. Nothing burns fat and produces shapely muscles like lifting some heavy weights. Sure you can still do cardio, but you can’t skip the resistance training and if you’re short on time resistance training is your best friend for fat loss. Picture of Dumbbells

2. Eat foods you love! Surprised to read this? How many times have you denied yourself French fries or ice cream only to devour every last bite in sight once it was placed in front of you? You end up consuming way more calories than if you had planned for it and took a single serving. It’s okay to live a little and enjoy the foods you love, just plan for it. It’s true that most likely you can’t eat that high sugar, high fat food on a daily basis, but thinking you will deny yourself forever in hopes for ever-lasting fat loss almost always backfires.Picture of ice cream

3. Eat all meals. Don’t skip. I know how easy it is to forget to eat when you are rushing around in the morning, getting the kids off to school, prepping their breakfasts and lunches and trying to head out the door yourself. Your metabolism will slow down if you regularly skip meals. Studies show that people who eat breakfast (the commonly skipped meal) lose more weight and keep it off more than people who skip. Just do it!