Will You Stick With Your Program?

Did you know that 50% of people who start an exercise program drop out within six months? Even with the knowledge that regular exercise provides us with major health benefits, quality of life and longevity; it’s still not enough to get half of the people to STAY on an exercise regime.

If you hate to exercise or if you have a little trouble with consistency, you might be missing one critical component that will keep you moving on a regular basis. The piece of the puzzle you might be missing is to exercise with others!  This support could mean actually exercising with your friends or family or just being in the same room where you will see others working out.

In fact, Trost, et. al 2002, notes that social support from a significant other or meaningful friend is highly associated with exercise adherence.

A study by Blanchard, Rodgers & Gauvin in 2004 showed that runners on indoor tracks felt less physically exhausted and more revitalized when they were watching others or the environment

Whatley and Schrider note that a supportive exercise atmosphere is consequential to exercise compliance.

I’m rattling off these studies in hopes that you will realize the value and importance of getting support and surrounding yourself with people who can show you the way, tell you “Way to go!” or “Hey, I missed you in class the other day” and who have similar goals.

It’s not just YOU that doesn’t like to exercise on your own, it’s most people! I know for myself, I work harder, much harder, when I’m in the gym surrounded by others. They don’t even have to be doing the same thing as I am, just the presence of other people all working toward the common goal of good health through fitness keeps me going.