3 Mistakes to Avoid

Getting back into shape can be overwhelming.


Information overload is a real thing in the fitness and weight loss world!


Here are some mistakes that I see or hear women making, and hopefully this will help you avoid them.


1. Changing everything all at once.

    • Starting an exercise program.
    • Starting a “diet.”
    • Changing lifestyle habits like going to bed an hour earlier every night.

When you go “All-In,” it can work for a little while, but it never, never sticks. It’s too much and not necessary and really uncomfortable!

Start with exercise (or whatever), and you’ll notice that eating better becomes a natural side-effect.

2. Going high intensity/high weights when you haven’t exercised in a long time (or when your body just isn’t prepared)

    • You’re not 20 years old; that’s all.
    • Stop thinking your body can do the highest progression, heavy weights, etc. when you sit at a desk or in the car all day, or you can’t touch your toes.
    • Even if you’ve been exercising for a long time, if you aren’t doing the right things, your body still might not be prepared to do high intensity things or jumping or moving in a certain way. Get it checked out if you’re not sure.At Her Fitness, we perform movement screens to see where our clients move well and not so well. It’s one thing that sets us apart from other training studios in the area.

3. Working through pain.

    • Pain alters movement. Altered movement means that some muscles are not doing their proper job at the proper intensity in the proper sequence.
    • Working through pain sets you up for arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, disc wear and tear, bone spurs and other orthopedic conditions AND fatigue, low energy, and anxiety.

If you’re not sure if you are making mistakes, reach out, and maybe I can help you out.