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Two exercises for a weak back

Most adults have over worked/over stimulated  upper traps and a weak middle back (middle and lower traps).

The big upper traps take over and before you know it you are in a constant posture of the “I dunno”  emoji, even while your arms and hands rest along side your body.

I dunno emoji

This posture puts you in the predicament of having disfunction of your scapula (shoulder blade) and shoulder joint; tense, sore shoulders and neck all of which can lead to headaches, painful shoulder joints and other chronic pain or soreness.

Strengthening Lower Trapezius - West Suburban Pain Relief

Here are a couple of exercises that you can try that will  strengthen the middle and lower traps.

Always focus on keeping space between the ear and shoulder, 

not allowing even the tiniest “hunch” of the shoulders.

Roll Out & Lift

This can be done as part of your warm-up or within your program during the “Pull” portion or Back portion.

Skip it if you feel it in your neck or the joint.

Mid-Lower Trap Roll & Lift

Floor Slide

This can be part of your warm-up or within your program during the “Pull” portion or Back portion.​ It can be also interested as part of your “Push”, but it’s more effective, especially in the supine position, in the Pull portion of your workout.

You can progress this by sitting up against the wall and doing a Wall Slide. Most often, I use this in the warm-up as well. When I do add it to the meat of your workout, I still prefer it in the Pull or Back portion of your program.

Floor slides

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