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The Dirty Dozen

Every year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) puts out a list of fruits and vegetables that contain the highest amounts of pesticides.


The top twelve are called the Dirty Dozen, and the foods found at the bottom of the list with the least amount are called the Clean 15.


It’s impossible to be 100% free of pesticides and chemicals, and for that reason, you must do what you can to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals and agents that cause cancer, neurological disorders, and learning disabilities.


One thing you can do to reduce your family’s and your exposure to those chemicals is to buy food with the least amount of pesticides. That’s where the Dirty Dozen comes in.


I almost always buy organic fruits and vegetables, especially those listed (or previously listed) on the Dirty Dozen.


Take this list with you on your next shopping trip so you don’t forget. The EWG even has an app!


Here’s the link: EWG’s Dirty Dozen


Here’s the link for EWG’s Clean 15, which are safer to buy non-organic.


Happy munching!

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