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Do you have Low Back Pain?

I bet you’ve had low back pain at some point in your life…if not, you are one of the lucky 20%.


Low back pain (LBP) can have numerous causes ranging from a bulging disc to emotional stress, but what I bet you really care about is how not to have LBP.


While I’m not a doctor or physical therapist (insert really long disclaimer with words you’ve never heard before), I’ve had LBP and so have most of my clients and what I can tell you is that there is no one perfect exercise to fix it, but there are some things you can do!


Everyone knows you have to strengthen your core, but what does that mean? Sit-ups, planks, crunches, some crazy move with your feet in a TRX? Uhhh…maybe not.


It means you have to re-educate your body to work as an entire unit and the core, being the area the connects the upper body and the lower body, has to fire at the proper time with the appropriate amount of force and tension so that it can protect the low back and hips from excessive motion.


The very first place to start when you have LBP is to re-educate yourself on proper breathing. Check out this video : Breathing in hook lying.


Not only do proper breathing mechanics help realign your body (your upper and lower body should be stacked and believe it or not, many people are walking around with their torso in front of their hips and vice versa) so that the spine is in optimal position, it allows for optimal strength.


Imagine a spring coil that is fully compressed. You release the coil and the thing goes flying.


Now imagine a spring coil that is only half way compressed (which is how most people breathe – half way) – not nearly as much stored energy and when you release it, the thing just flops away. It doesn’t have as much power or ability to go far.


Your breathing is similar. When you access your full capacity you will have more strength and stability.


After breathing exercises you can try some exercises that reeducate your deep core muscles to fire when they are suppose to (which is before larger superficial muscles like the quadriceps).


Here’s another video (plus shows you what you can do with that stability ball you have lying around the house that’s being used as a dog toy or for your kids to pelt one another with). p.s. I know it looks funny, but it WORKS! Rock Back with Arm Raise


LBP is not an easy fix, but it is fixable and very often it is fixable without surgery. If you suffer daily, get it checked out by a doctor or physical therapist – hopefully, they will include breathing exercises as part of your successful cure.




In good health


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