Modified pull up using a suspension trainer

Pull-ups/ chin-ups are awesome!


I’ve always wanted to be able to do a pull-up or chin-up any way I can, but I don’t have a pull-up bar at the studio so I am doing the best with what I’ve got….a suspension trainer (it’s a TRX, but different brand and look).


We should all be doing some kind of hanging, after all, our bodies are built for this kind of thing, we just never, ever do it so we lose a lot of strength in this area.


If you have a suspension trainer at home- give this a try instead of rowing movement pattern.

(Don’t expect to be able to pull yourself up right away. Try doing a negative first which is slowly lowering yourself for a 10 count …or even a 5 count;)  ).


p.s. Back exercises are great for fat loss because you are using a LOT of muscle to get this done!