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5 Tips to Avoid Overeating this Weekend (or any day).

The weekend comes and we lose it! We lose our “willpower”!


“I was good all week, but the weekend throws me off.” Have you ever caught yourself saying that?


If you have, check out my  5 Tips To Avoid Overeating This Weekend…and every weekend!



  1. Good – Better -Best (the 80:20 Rule)- Make you best choice possible where you are at. Sometimes the weekend brings special trips, vacations, visits with friends. Always do your best to make the best choice you can. If you have to stop at a fast food place, choose one where you can get a salad with grilled chicken (I’m pretty sure that is available at Chick-fil-A and Wendy’s). You can also use the 80:20 rule – 80% of your choices are spot on, 20% are not.


2.Tune into your bodies queues – Listen to yourself! When you are starting to get hungry, eat. When you are comfortably full, not stuffed, stop eating.


3. Enjoy treats (but don’t go nuts!) – Yes, the weekend is a time when we tend to spend time with family and friends and we want to enjoy special foods with those people. Great! Do it! Just don’t go nuts or bananas or wild child. Have some, really appreciate what you have and then stop drinking or eating whatever it is.


4. Be Accountable and responsible. It’s your choice to eat something that might not be considered “clean”, but by eating the ice cream, chocolate donut or salty chips, it doesn’t make you a “bad person”. You are who you are:) Just know that when you over eat those foods or over drink, that will have an impact on weather you fit into that bathing suit or not.


5. Don’t make excuses or have reasons why you make poor choices. Come on now, don’t blame the kids, the husband, the co-workers. Yeah, I know it’s hard to NOT indulge when your co-workers bring in home-baked chocolate chip cookies, but you can’t BLAME or excuse or reason this away. Ask yourself why then ask yourself again and again until you come to the real reason you don’t want to stop eating cookies or drinking wine. Often it is a way to reward or soothe ourselves. Find another way to do that.


Make it a great weekend this weekend and every weekend!











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