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Is your liver a super hero? No? Mine either.


Whoever says you should be able to eat anything you want as long as it’s in moderation never had a problem losing body fat and besides, what’s the definition of moderation anyway? Is it one Big Gulp soda a day, one a week or one a year?


Some people do have a dream metabolism and a super-hero like liver that can cleanse anything and stay strong.


I don’t have a super-hero liver. I can’t relate.


Many of my clients, I bet, feel the same.


If you have mixed feelings about losing weight, it’s because you’ve been fed a lot of lies.


The biggest lie is “You can eat anything you want!”


Umm, sorry, no you can’t, not if you want to be lean, fit and healthy…unless of course you have a super-hero liver, then, just maybe, you can eat whatever the heck you want.


Our bodies got messed up because of eating whatever we wanted and then we piled on a bunch of stress.


I think it’s easier to start with changing what we eat than changing how we react to stress. Food is easily quantifiable, stress not so much.


If you don’t have a super-hero liver like I don’t, start by getting rid of faux-foods:


  1. Soda (yes, diet soda, too –it’s the fakest of all fake food products)
  2. Lean cuisines/weight watchers/smart-one/ all “T.V. dinners”
  3. Snacks that come in a bag or box
  4. Mac-n-cheese…yes, I’m singling this food-product item out because it comes in boxes, bags, packages of all sorts and it seems to be a food category for kids. It’s not real food and it’s yellow. Real cheese isn’t yellow.
  5. Anything with artificial sweetener. If the box says “Sugar-Free” dump it NOW.
  6. Food that was once food from the ground and then it was put in a box – “mashed” potatoes, for instance.


Now to replace the above food-product items with REAL stuff – I’ll go line for line:


  1. Yes, cry me a river. It’s boring. It’s also what your body needs.
  2. Beef, chicken, turkey, fish with side vegetables that you bought at the farmers market or the produce section of the grocery store.
  3. Almonds, pistachios, celery with almond butter, carrot with cashew butter.
  4. A baked sweet potato, baked sweet potato chips, butternut squash soup = mac-n-cheese is a faux-food starch so I’m giving you a real food starch alternative that tastes yummy.
  5. Stevia in the raw. Stevia comes in liquid and powder. Make sure there isn’t any dextrose/maltose or anything else “-tose” in it.
  6. Go for the real thing. Take the time to mash your own potato or go to a farmers market and ask someone like Peg from Flying Avocado to make it for you and have it delivered if time is an issue.



Here’s the positive, make you feel good about yourself ending: Eventually, you’ll probably be able to eat some of that faux-food again, on a limited basis of course, but not now.

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