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This is keeping/getting you fat

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This is keeping you fat.


Have you gained a few pounds, especially around the middle and now you don’t look and feel like you used to?


It’s likely that there’s been too much insulin coursing through your body all day long, month after month, year after year and it’s finally caught up with you.


Your waistline has expanded beyond recognition and you don’t what happened. After all, you’ve been eating healthy whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, corn, peas and beans, and the fact that you can’t wear half the clothes in your closet just isn’t fair!


Weight loss and weight gain is all about controlling your hormones. One hormone of significance is insulin.


Mark Sisson writes it simply in his book The Primal Blueprint :

“When you moderate insulin production, you access and burn stored body fat for energy, preserve or build muscle, and minimize disease risk factors.

When the delicate insulin balance is abused by consuming too many carbs for too long, havoc ensues: cells become insulin resistant, excess glucose is present in the bloodstream, more fat is stored, and it becomes increasingly difficult to mobilize that fat for an energy source.”


Sisson isn’t referring to carrots, apples and broccoli when he says “carbs”. He is referring to grains, processed junk food and the like. That healthy whole grain cereal and wheat bread and you’ve been eating everyday for breakfast and lunch just might have created that “mommy belly” that just won’t go away.

What can you do?


First, start simply by replacing your breakfast cereal with a few egg whites (plus a whole egg) with a side of sautéed spinach and a peach. If you don’t like that idea, simply eat a piece of chicken, fish, turkey or some other protein, with a vegetable and a fruit. This will keep you going for several hours and give your body nutrients to help it run more efficiently and burn fat.


Second, stop grazing. Eat your meals, eat your snacks, but STOP picking as you walk through the kitchen or passing by the admin who always keeps a bowl of Hershey Kisses her desk. Every time you eat, your insulin goes up (rate and level of insulin is dependent on the type and quantity of food). Don’t go through your day famished, eat if you are hungry, but if you really think about it, you probably weren’t hungry when you ate that last cookie.


Third, start being mindful of what you are eating all day long. I use a food journal because it helps me eat more mindfully (sometimes you just forget what you ate earlier in the day). Try to notice times that you eat continually or times where you load up on so-called “bad” carbs by habit, not choice. Being mindful and recognizing where habits prevail is extremely important to managing your overall food intake.


At Her Fitness we want you to be healthy, fit and strong and that means moving well and often and eating foods that promote true health so your body looks good and feels good. (We don’t count points and tell you that you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want (all year round)…that would be sugar-coating the issue. )


If you are motivated to start taking care of yourself and your health, to feel great and, to change the way you look, we have an upcoming 12-Day Rapid Results Program that will give you a “taste” of how we do things at Her Fitness that help our clients get great results. You must register by Friday, August 12 to start on Monday, August 15.

12-Day Rapid Results Before & After

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In good health,



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