If you have trouble getting up from a squat (or getting down into a squat)..or just want a perky booty

Squatting is a fundamental movement pattern….but somewhere along the line, some of us lost the ability to squat well.

This picture demonstrates what we did as toddlers and kids (Audrey is 9 and can still sit comfortable and play while she’s in this position).


As life took over and we landed in chairs, cars, sofas for HOURS at a time, most days of the week, our bodies changed and, for some people, squatting down (or getting back up!) become an effort.


If you are a woman whose life sort of took over and highjacked your body and you find it difficult to squat down or get back up here’s a little trick to get those squats stronger and a little prettier:)


  • Use a mini-band around your mid foot and grip the ground with your toes like they are fingers. Put another mini-band around your knees.


  • Use a door or something else that is sturdy so you can hold on to it while you squat.


  • As you lower, yourself down, push your knees against the mini-band and your feet pushing into the ground.


  • Keep your sternum (chest) up.


  • When you raise up, again, don’t let your knees cave in – push against the mini-band.


  • Don’t let your heels come up. Being close to the door or post will help you from a “too far forward” upper body lean.


You’ll feel this in your glutes and quads!


Enjoy this one even if your squat patterns are good…adding those mini-bands can add some nice resistance.