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The best thing you can do if you are inactive

In his book, Unconventional Medicine , Chris Kresser states that if someone is inactive that the most important thing that person can do is reduce the amount of time spent sitting.


Spending less time sitting is more important than beginning a workout routine!


You might not expect me to tell you that since it would benefit me if you DID a workout routine with me, but my goal is to help women become healthy, fit and strong and if it means that you spend more time on your feet doing regular stuff than working out with me than so be it.


Besides, I know a lot of you reading this today are nervous to start anything at all and so maybe, just maybe, you’ll stand up more during your day and when you are ready for more, you’ll reach out:)


The book talks about how our ancestors spent more than half their day standing!


In between standing and shorts bouts of sitting, they ran after pray, ran from predators and built things. He didn’t (yet) mention meal preparation, but that was laborious, too.


Think about how much energy we spend to get and prepare our food. We drive to the grocery store, push a big basket on wheels, put the stuff on a conveyer belt, then put it in a bag, wheel it to the car, drive home, carry it the house, put it away.


When we are ready to eat, we walk 10 feet to the kitchen and grab something from the fridge and either eat it immediately or maybe cut something and put it in a pan to cook on a stove that we just turned the dial (and instantly have fire).


Now imagine how much energy and movement took place before modern history.


You ran after an animal, jumping or climbing to get it, killed it, skinned it and cut it up, gathered wood for a fire, started a fire, cooked the animal for a long time over that fire and then ate it.


A lot more time and physical energy went into eating than we can ever imagine!


Okay, so the point is that if you are inactive now and are intimated, scared or don’t think you can really find the time to exercise, but you really want some benefits of being more active than just stand more often than not!


You can do this!




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