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Do you struggle with change?

Do you struggle with change?

Do you have a hard time taking action … consistently?

Have you found yourself starting and stopping projects or programs before?

Or maybe, you never really even get started?

I’m not just talking about weight loss, fitness, and overall health.

It could be keeping your house or office organized.

It could be taking a course to expand your knowledge, or maybe even finishing your degree.

It could be starting a business, starting a retirement plan, or just starting to get outside and walk more.

But every time you start, something stops you.

You say it’s something you want to do or accomplish … and you can imagine how good it will feel when you do.

Yet, you still don’t do it.

Why not?

Well, it’s actually your brain doing its job!

There’s a concept called “homeostasis,” and it basically means that our bodies (and brain) don’t like change.

They like the status quo.

If changing the size or shape of our body is the goal, well, our brain has some bad news for us.

Its job is to keep us the same and protect us from that change.

Change is scary … and carries with it a lot of uncertainty.

Staying the same is safe … and comfortable.

What can we do to break the cycle?

Well, we can remember that beliefs are really decisions … and we can actually rewire our brain with a new decision.

So, instead of saying to ourselves, “Every time  I get consistent with my workouts, life throws me a curveball and I get off track …”

Try this: “I am consistently do  two workouts a week month after month.”

Notice that it is in the present tense, as if you’ve already achieved your goal. This is auto-suggestion and you must repeat it over and over and over again throughout the day.

The next thing you know, two workouts a week has become the status quo … and your trusty brain will do its job and protect you from changing that. :-)

You can do the same with your diet, tasks you’ve been putting off around the house, or a professional project that you started but never finished.

Make a new decision, and reap the benefits of better results!

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