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What you learn from doing a No-Sugar Challenge



Right now some of my clients and I are doing a No-Sugar-Lots-of-Vegetables Challenge and here is what we’ve learned as a group.



Eating foods that are NOT particularly healthy can be mindless. We don’t even realize it when we pop an M&M or Hershey Kiss or small cookie in our mouth.



It has become so natural to just take a nibble here and there that only when we are diligent do we pay attention.



Not only is eating mindless, we have noticed how MUCH of the unhealthy stuff we eat..even if it’s a small quantity, it’s still getting in and contributing to weight gain/maintenance, mood, foggy brain, headaches and bloating! Oh, how I hate to feel bloated so these past four days have been really good for me!



It takes preparation and thoughtfulness to eat healthy. Our challenge is no added sugar, no grains, 4 cups leafy greens per day plus an additional 5 cups of vegetables of any kind. It’s no joke and it’s more prep than you probably do now.



This is much, much easier to do when other women are doing it with you and have the same level of commitment.



The “challenge” gets easier with practice. This is the second time we’ve done it in a few months time and this time is definitely easier. It’s practice and repetition. That’s how I view it.



We are most definitely going to do this again!




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