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You can be healthier by changing this one habit

Do you want to be healthier?



Eat more meals at home.



A study from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggested that people who ate at home consumed fewer calories overall, fewer carbohydrates, less sugar and less fat than those who ate out.


The food industry, including fast food restaurant chains, know that certain food combinations are addicting.



They don’t call it addicting, though.  They call it having craveability or snackability qualities.



But, it’s the same….a food that you crave is addicting (by the way, companies build Brand Loyalty by creating foods that you are addicted to – it’s all about marketing the bottom dollar.)



Eating most of your meals at home will cut down on eating foods that have “craveable” qualities– foods that are high in fat, sugar and salt – foods that increase your likelihood of gaining body fat.



The idea of eating meals in might be overwhelming – don’t let it be.



Don’t get overwhelmed with overwhelm is one of my favorite sayings.



Just start small and easy. Plan on meal or one day, then increase it from there. Go day by day.



If you are a busy mom who spends your time at the fields and rinks with your kids, start packing a cooler with snacks.


If you have long days at work, plan ahead and pack your lunch and one or two snacks. Eat them on time and don’t skip, otherwise you are more likely to feel hungry and crave the easy take-out food that is loaded with fat, sugar, salt and calories!


You will feel great for planning and eating better. Your body will thank you:)


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