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Want to move better? Give this joint some love.

Throughout the day we  squat down, walk, reach for stuff in cabinets and car trunks , climb stairs or hills, and/or run, but sometimes these movement patterns are limited by our ankle range of motion.

Sometimes women feel pain in their knees, hips or back when they are active or these activities “just feel so hard!”

Even if you don’t have trouble, you’ll still want to make sure that your ankle joint has sufficient range of motion and maintain it.

Here is just one exercise:

Ankle mobility with dowel:

Place the dowel about 2-3″ in front of your second toe.

Press down on dowel, keeping it vertical.

Glide your knee towards the outside of the dowel.

Keep your heel down.

Try about 8-10 times, 1-2x / daily.

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