Meal Plan Tip and Homemade Mayo Recipe

The weekend is a great time to try new stuff! You have a little more free time and hopefully, you’re getting a few more Z’s.


  1. Meal PlanThis weekend, try planning out ONE meal more than usual. If you don’t plan any meals, start with ONE.Just do one more than usual…don’t be an overachiever, because that’s how NOT to make something a habit.Chose the easiest one to plan. If you already plan three lunches, this weekend plan four. Buy the ingredients, prep, freeze, or cook and freeze. You get the idea.

    Here’s a blank template so you can write it down and stick to it.


  2. Make Homemade MayoWhy? Because it’s better for your health.Here are the ingredients in Hellman’s . It’s made with soybean oil, which is inflammatory AND a phyto-estrogen; so, it’s not great for men, boys, or pre-menopausal women. Plus “natural flavors,” which could mean anything. And it’s got an ingredient that “maintains taste,” which, to me, means loooong shelf life (think Twinkie).


    Instead, give this recipe a try from Nom Nom Paleo: Mayo Recipe.

    I’ve made this recipe several times, and it’s really good. Follow the directions exactly!