How do you look at yourself in the mirror

How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Do your eyes dart and fixate on all the is “wrong” or do you look for the pretty?

Years ago, I ONLY focused on the fat, cellulite or other unflattering qualities …it was a bad idea to do that!

I realized how this focus was terrible for my self-esteem and it was exhausting.

I know many of my readers don’t have time for that much mirror-looking at this point in their lives, but still, we all spend some time giving ourselves at least a once over before we leave the house (I have to laugh, because we don’t have any mirrors in our downstairs yet, and if I’m leaving for my early morning training session ….I have no idea what I look like!)

When you give yourself the once over, or longer, start focusing on what you appreciate instead of what you dislike…especially, what is on the inside.

We are made perfect [in His image], no matter what we look like on the outside, start focusing on the good and not the bad.

By the way, moms with daughters – wouldn’t you rather your daughter care more about her character than her thighs?

Let’s set the best example we can…love ourselves and stop focusing on the “imperfections” in the mirror.