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A great Ab Exercise

I promised you more “Anti” ab movements!

In this exercise, you will be using a stability ball to add challenge to your standard plank. Beginners can simply hold plank on the ball, intermediate (shown) move the ball forward and back and advanced exercisers will do this exercise while holding up one leg.

“Anti” Ab – prone on SB with shoulder flex/ext.

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Do It Right:
1. Keep shoulders over elbows over hands to start.
2. Neck stays in line with your back.
3. Squeeze glutes.
4. Slightly squeeze your shoulder blades together.
5. Brace abdominals and think long and tall, like a string is coming out of the top of your head, your body will stay in a straight line.
6. Gently move the ball forward and back without letting your low back sink or stick up in the air.
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