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3 great leg and butt exercises



These exercises are GREAT for shaping your legs and butt and getting stronger! You will feel awesome when you are done…you know what I’m saying….that little burn you like to feel ;)

  • A1 Step-Up
  • A2 Leg Bridge & Curl Combo
  • A3 Deadlift

Choose a weight that challenges you, but doesn’t throw off your balance or hurt your back.

On A1 & A3 you can  hold two kettlebells or dumbbells along side of your body (instead of the goblet position) and you’ll be able to go heavier and you might feel a little more balanced.

The goblet position I demo really fires up your core while you are working your legs. You choose!

If you put the three exercises together and do it as a leg circuit, time yourself and do:

  • work period of 30 seconds and rest 15-20 seconds
  • go for 2-5 rounds depending on your ability and experience and the time you have available.

I know you busy moms reading this worry that you don’t have enough time and sometimes  think “why bother”, but even one round of one of these exercises will keep you strong and boost your metabolism – just make sure you give it your best effort when you do it…your breath rate will come up and your legs should feel like they are working!


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