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6 Big Mistakes When You are Trying to Lose Fat

If you are doing the following, you are missing opportunities for losing body fat and changing the shape of your body.


1. Focusing all of your workouts on cardio.  Cardio has it’s place. It’s the foundation of health and even the foundation of a powerful body, but every day, long drawn out cardio helps you store body fat. You become very efficient at going long distances.


2. Doing “Cleanses” and Fad Diets.  “Diets Don’t Work”. Sure they lower  your calorie intake and you lose some pounds, but you also lose muscle. Also,  most people can’t stay committed to liquid diets for life- people like and need to eat and chew.


3. Not getting enough sleep. Sleep equals recovery and repair.  It’s also the time when your hormones shift around. The hunger hormone, ghrelin, decreases. The stress hormone, cortisol, lowers. Muscle building hormones, Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone,  elevate. Missing sleep means missed opportunities.


4.Eating too much “good fat” – Yeah, I know “It’s good for you!” Yes, healthy fats are  healthy, but too much of a good thing will make you fat, too. Fat is calorically dense and if  you eat too many calories in a day, you’ll gain weight, not lose it – no matter how healthy it is. 


5. Scale Obsession. – This just messes with your head. You’re going to fluctuate. Woman  will fluctuate in weight more than men will due to her menstrual cycles. Don’t get hung up on a 1-5 pound difference.


 6.Using the pink weights. Ladies, you gotta lift heavy (and no, you won’t bulk up!). This will change the shape of your body and give you “toned” (that’s not a real thing, by the way) muscles that are shapely and firm.


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