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Your excuses are Legitimate!

You know you want to lose weight, feel healthier, get fit, get back into some clothes you already own, but the idea of actually taking action seems overwhelming because you’ve got so many other things going on.

You think that when:

  • The kids are back in school
  • My parents are in a good place
  • My job calms down
  • The holidays are over
  • My back/knee/ankle/shoulder feels better
  • My daughter gets back to college
  • My son is older
  • My birthday is past
  • My kids birthdays are over
….that you will suddenly have more time and energy to take care of yourself, get healthy and lose weight.Here’s the thing, though. Even if your excuses are legitimate, they won’t move you closer to your goal.

These events, happy or sad, are stressful and time consuming and they are also Life.

Time won’t stop for you or me or anyone and there will always be something pressing that comes up or seems so overwhelming that there is no time to focus on you.

The good news is that you can change how you think, take small action steps AND move closer toward your health and fitness goals.

Women get overwhelmed with the thought of losing weight and getting healthy and that think life has to stop before it can occur, but it doesn’t have to and it won’t stop.

When you accept the fact that there will always other things to do and events or situations that arise, the sooner you can start making changes.

Let’s say you want to lose weight and the kids are home for summer  and it’s throwing off your routine.

You’re healthy otherwise and you really want to fit back into some of your clothes, but it just seems like too much to think about or do.

How do you begin?  Take small steps that move you closer to your goal.

First, get your mindset straight about instant gratification. In our world of instant results, it easy to forget that getting healthy and fit will take some time. Remember that losing weight won’t be a 1-week adventure. Let’s put it into perspective. Give yourself 3 – 12 months (yes, 1 year).

Second,  eat just a little differently – you know, cut down on ice cream and chips and add in some vegetables.

A small step could be that you stop eating off your kids plate, or have ice cream only two nights per week or eat two vegetables with dinner every single night instead of just one serving.

See how easy it can be?

Third, move more. Between eating differently and moving more, you can create a caloric deficit and become more healthy. You could huff it up your stairs a few times a day instead of making one trip, right? Well, that is one small thing you can do!

Okay, so you say you know this, but you still can’t seem to do it, so now what?

Do one thing differently today, in spite of the kids being home for summer and throwing off your routine, that will move you forward.

Here are some examples of SMALL action items that you can do:

  • Increase your water (and add lemon to it)
  • Take a whole-food based multi-vitamin
  • Get 8 hours of sleep (this is a biggie!)
  • Swap your cereal for eggs and berries at breakfast
  • Eat ice cream on Friday nights only instead of Su-Sat
  • Go for a morning walk
  • Do 10 push-ups off your kitchen counter twice a day
  • Do 15 squats while dancing with your child who is on summer break
  • Make an exercise appointment with a friend or hire a coach to get you and keep you accountable

Sure, you’ll  have some set backs or days when you don’t follow through with the “one thing”, be forgiving to yourself like you are your best friend and get back at it.

Count your “Wins”. At Her Fitness, we have a “Win of the Week” board where clients post their Wins because sometimes we forget that wins are really Wins!

Sometimes we don’t appreciate the value and think these small things, like drinking 80 oz. of water or going for a walk at lunchtime, don’t matter. BUT, they DO MATTER.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Don’t let life stop you from having a fit and healthy body.

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