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Weight Loss and Your Mindset

Are you a wife and a mother and a business owner/employee and classroom mom and PTO volunteer and housekeeper and chauffeur and daughter to parents who need your help and host to the neighborhood kids and grocery shopper and chef and, and, and….?

What’s not on that list? YOU!

As women, God gave us a very, very important role- helper- so it’s no wonder we feel compelled to give of ourselves, to help and care for everyone we love. Being a wife and mother are the most important roles we have and we feel compelled to do everything for everyone.

I feel compelled to be more and do more and I know many of my clients feel the same way.

Is there something wrong with doing more and being more? No, except when it comes at the expense of taking care of yourself.

You are a giving and caring person and you don’t want to disappoint! Unfortunately, there is a price to pay for being everything to everyone.

Putting yourself at the bottom of the “To-Do” List does NOT help you fulfil your role and purpose.

Do you lack patience with your children or husband?

Do you wish you were more playful with your kids?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t collapse into bed due to fatigue?

Would you love to hop out of bed in the morning and be excited for a new day to start?

Lack of exercise and eating processed and prepared foods, or skipping meals, can kill your spirit and excitement for life.

Jim Rohn, the great inspirational speaker and personal development leader, is famously know for saying

“I’ll take care of ME for YOU if you take care of YOU for Me.”

He’s saying take care of yourself because that helps the other people in your life.

Here are the most common “Reasons”, a.k.a. excuses, why women don’t workout.

  1. They (husband, kids) don’t want me to
  2. I don’t have the money
  3. I have to be home by X time/to do the laundry/to be classroom mom/attend a meeting also known as “I don’t have enough time.”

I’m going to debunk these:

  1. The “they don’t want me to.” You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Your husband doesn’t want you to feel better about yourself and to look good and feel more confident? Nope…your husband WANTS you to do whatever it takes to feel great!

Ask him and when he says “Yes, honey, I want you to feel great about yourself” BELIEVE HIM! Believe your husband when he says he wants you to exercise.

  1. I don’t have the money. If your kids are playing travel sports, recreational sports, you buy them nearly everything they want, you go out to dinner, get your nails done or your hair colored or have a new car…. You have the money. What you don’t have is the same priorities as someone else who does exercise nearly every day.
  1. I don’t have the time. Yes, you do. We all have 24 hours in a day. Do other members of your family spend time exercising, watching TV, playing a sport, having a hobby or “kill time” some way? Again, this is simply your priorities and you have yet to prioritize time for yourself to exercise so you can feel better about yourself.

I know it’s not easy taking the first step. The first step is ALWAYS the hardest. The decision to spend time and money on yourself can be difficult for some women, but you will never regret it once you begin working out.

You will be doing your family a great service because you will feel great and you will bring that energy home!

As always, if you have questions about working out with me at Her Fitness or about any hesitation you might have (like “will I be able to keep up?” or “do I have to be in good shape to start?”), then just reply to this e-mail.

If you want to learn more about our up-coming Back To School Challenge where you have daily accountability and support, a safe place to exercise and a meal-plan that’s easy to follow, please check out our web site. You MUST be registered by Friday, September 15th. https://herfitnessnj.comb2s2017/

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